This jewelry box is handmade from select red oak. Red oak keys reinforce the mitered corners of the box to give added strength as well as add a decorative touch. It is the lid that really makes this box stand out though. Hand carved, hand dyed leather is veneered to the surface in a pattern that resembles a red rose resting upon stained glass. A drawer on the front slides out to give access to a blue suede lined tray. There are three removable trays nested inside the box as well to give you plenty of storage space. Each tray is configured a bit differently allowing you to store items like bracelets in one tray and separate pendants or earrings easily in another. All three of the removable trays are lined with suede leather on the bottom; each using a different color (blue, green, and purple). T he knobs on the front of the box are solid brass as is the hinge. The hinge has an integrated stop at about 95 degrees so it won't slam shut and eliminates the need for a chain. This box was then sanded super smooth, given a coat of Danish oil, and finally waxed and buffed to a warm glow.

The exterior dimensions are approximately :
Width: 15"
Depth: 8"
Height: 5"

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