Quick Facts:

  • 18" diameter solid alder board. Hand made in the U.S.A.
  • Chinese Checkers on one side & 6 player Aggravation/Wahoo on the other
  • Comes with 60 - 5/8" diameter marbles and one die for playing both games
  • Rules for each game included in the bag for you to store the pieces in

You get not just one game, but two! On one side there is a Chinese Checkers game and on the other side is a six player Aggravation / Wahoo style game. Each side has its own special carving to set it off. Truly a focal piece for your room and a great way to bring the family together.

This is great big board, a little less than 18" in diameter, about 3/4" thick, and is solid oak. The marbles are all 5/8" target marbles.

You get 60 marbles, one die (color may vary from the one pictured), instructions for both games, and a bag to store it all in. I have made more than one of these games. So the actual board that you will receive will probably not be the exact same board in the pictures. It will be the same species of wood and it will be the same design, but the natural characteristics inherent to working with natural material guarantees that each board that I make will be a bit different and unique in its own way.

Warning: Choking hazard.Not intended for children under 5 years of age. Not for unsupervised use by children or adults who act like them.

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