This circular tray is made from solid ambrosia maple and is 14" in diameter. There is an oval recess in the center for chips, bread, batter fried mushrooms... whatever you want really. There is decorative carving on each side that has been filled with a purple resin. There are also 2 stainless steel cups on each side (4 total) to hold various dipping sauces. Do you want to do salsa picante in one, salsa verde in the second, pico de gallo in the third, and sour cream in the fourth with chips in the center? Go for it! Or maybe instead you want to do a selection of 4 different hummus flavors with pita in the center. Great! Or maybe you just give yourself and three of your friends their own cup for marinara sauce to dip mushrooms and mozzarella sticks into. Mix it up and have a blast!

You can put the stainless steel cups in the dishwasher. Don't put the wood in there; wash and dry that by hand.

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