Here's a cribbage board to showcase. The base is a great big piece of curly maple that is a full 12" in diameter. The center is a large piece of African mahogany that is 9" in diameter and over 1" thick. A wolf is carved into the mahogany lid.  The carving style is similar in appearance to traditional chip carving. Now you can play cribbage if there is two of you, three of you, or even four players without having to play as teams. And when not being played, it is still a handsome piece to display.

Both pieces of wood are unstained to let the natural beauty of the wood shine. I just did a quick coat of shellac and then a low VOC top coat for protection. The wood will naturally deepen in color over time as it ages. You will get a total of eight pegs in four colors (brass, silver, copper, and black) as well as a deck of cards. The cards and pegs store easily in the center. All three skunk lines (single, double, and triple skunk) are marked on the board.

I have made more than one of these games. So the actual board that you will receive will probably not be the exact same board in the pictures. It will be the same species of wood and it will be the same design, but the natural characteristics inherent to working with natural material guarantees that each board that I make will be a bit different and unique in its own way.

Warning: The small parts are a choking hazard and should be kept away from children.

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