This lovely, light tan purse is simplicity itself as well as having the perfect size for a wide array of uses. Let's start with the strap which is a double layer of leather that has been glued and stitched together for years of service. It is also adjustable in length so you can wear it cross body if you wish. You can lengthen it to carry over your coat in the winter and then shorten it back up during the warm, summer months.

While it is small enough to not make you look like a hockey player on your way to the rink, it is still big enough to fit a 10" tablet or e-reader. Of course, if you would prefer to go the old school, easy to read in direct sun route for your reading pleasure, you can pack War and Peace in there too. You would even have some room to spare. To be a little more specific, this bag is about 11" x 9" with a gusset that is just under 1 1/2" deep.

The flap on the purse shows the natural, live edge of the hide. I used a hole that was already in the hide as the clasping mechanism for this purse. A separate leather tab feeds through the hole to keep the cap closed. There are decorative embellishments sewn onto the flap and the leather tab for a little extra flair. Most of the stones are jasper, although I did mix in a bit of Pietersite.  I also added a few metal beads here and there.

It's all real leather and everything but the strap is hand sewn. This is an extra special item that you will be able to treasure for years.

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