Here's a stylish lazy Susan to set off your snacks or maybe provide a bit of flair to your table. At 12" in diameter, it doesn't take up a ton of table space. With the sections each being about an inch deep. you can pile on plenty of snacks. There is a 6 oz ramekin to hold dips or salsa  and the graceful curves to the sections give the tray a little visual interest.

This tray is made from alder. The particular tray in the picture is one of several that I have made. You may get the same exact tray as is in the picture, but it is more likely that you will get a different one. Variations in the wood will give each tray its own natural beauty and some may have knots or other spots in the wood which I have stabilized with a 2 part epoxy. I typically add a copper colored additive (either glitter or actual powdered copper) to add some interest. Sometimes I use other materials.

The tray rides on an American made 9" lazy Susan bearing. Four heavy duty felt pads are on the bottom to protect your table from the metal bearing.

There is a hand applied finish on this, but remember that it is still wood. Don't put a bunch of pickles or olives with brine in it unless you want it to smell like pickles or olives forever. Don't put it in the dishwasher. Don't put it in the sink to soak. Use a mild soap (without lemon, orange, or other acidic additive) if needed with a soft wash cloth or sponge. Dry it right away.

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