• Classic Tic Tac Toe
• Tri-Hex the triangular Tic Tac Toe
• Rota – aka Roman Tic Tac Toe
• 10 Men on a Log classic puzzle game
Four games on one board! You have the classic tic tac toe in the center that you learned as a child. To the right of it is Tri-Hex, the triangular version of Tic Tac Toe. The same game, but with a twist. To the left is Rota, which has been called Roman Tic Tac Toe. Those marbles lined up at the bottom are already set up, ready for you to challenge yourself to the classic puzzle 10 men on a log. 
The game comes with rules for all four games and a small bag to store the rules and the marbles in. 
Warning: Choking hazard! Not for young children without adult supervision.
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