This step stool is made from solid poplar. The legs are joined to the top with an interlocking heart joint which gives then the same strength as half blind dovetails (like you see on well made drawers).  There are heart shaped braces to further reinforce the legs.  Heart shaped cut outs form the feet of this stool.  The step stool gives you a 5 1/2" rise up, (a bit easier for those who's legs are still a bit short) and is 10" wide. At almost 11" deep there is plenty of space for children to stand, so you don't have to worry as much about them accidentally stepping off of the end. It has been dyed purple and then finished with 3 coats of a low VOC acrylic finish. It doesn't just look cute, it's built for use. This step stool easily supports 200lbs.  I'm confident that it would support a great deal more, but I only tested it to my own body weight (I stood on top of it, drank some coffee, bounced up and down on it, etc.).  Solid construction that will be able to be passed down from generation to generation.

Place it next to a small child's bed so that they don't have to hop up to get in. Place it near the sink to make it easier to wash their hands. Put it anywhere you wish you were just a little bit taller.

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