This handcrafted jewelry box is made using several species of domestic and exotic hardwood. The sides of the box are solid Goncalvo Alves (sometimes called Brazilian Koa) joined with a decorative joint. The bottom and inside of the top is maple. The top is a wonderful curly angrie veneer. This jewelry box has two lift out trays of solid red oak and are lined with a short cut brown velvet. One tray is broken up into three long divisions for storage of necklaces and bracelets. The other tray has smaller divisions so that you can keep your earrings, rings, and pendants organized.he knob on the front of the box is solid brass as is the hinge. The
hinge has an integrated stop at about 95 degrees so it won't slam shut
and eliminates the need for a chain. This box was then sanded super smooth, given a coat of Danish oil, and finally waxed and buffed to a warm glow.

The exterior dimensions are approximately :
Width: 15"
Depth: 8"
Height: 4"

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