This maple valet is a great way to get and keep yourself organized. The sides, dividers, and tray are all made some the same piece of solid maple which has some interesting mottling and curl to it. It's one of those times where the pictures don't really do the box justice. The bottom level of this box has three large openings that will easily hold a wallet (or anything wallet sized). The tray on the top can either be lifted out or simply slid from side to side to access the bottom of the valet. The tray has been lined with a green suede leather. Both the knob on the front and the hinge are made from solid brass. The hinge also has an integrated stop that holds the lid open at a little more than 90 degrees. This way the lid won't flop backwards into whatever it is set in front of (the wall, a mirror, etc.) nor will it slam shut on your fingers.

Approximate external dimensions:

Width: 12"

Depth: 7 1/2"

Height: 3 1/2"

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