This handmade cribbage board is made from solid maple. Two small solid brass hinges allow it to open in the center to hold two packs of playing cards as well as a recess in the center to hold the pegs. Three metal pegs are included (3- silver & 3 gold toned) as well as one pack of playing cards.
Magnets help to hold things closed. Cribbage is a classic game and this is one classy board to play it on. No cheap plastic here, this is something you will be proud to display even when you aren't playing.

Approximate external dimensions:

Width: 15"

Depth: 5"

Height: 1 1/2"

Please note that the cribbage board that you receive may not be the exact cribbage board that you see in the pictures. The cribbage board will be solid maple, but the wonder of nature produces ever different grain patterns and slight color variations. There may also be some slight variation in the magnets from what you see in the picture.

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