This is a handy little box with a unique top. Unique because the mosaic pattern of the veeners (that remind some of crazy quilting) is made freehand. Thus, I couldn't repeat it exactly if I tried. A total of 7 different woods are used including camphor burl, curly mahogany and cherry.  The sides of this valet are made from solid curly maple joined with a handsome through dovetail for beauty and durability. On the inside of this handmade box has two levels. The bottom level has three large spaces with maple all around. The top level is a removable tray that is also solid maple and has a blue suede lining on the bottom. The tray has been sanded smooth but is unvarnished which is why the box and the tray look different in the photos (they come from the same piece of wood actually). The knob and the hinge are both made from solid brass. The hinge has a stop built into the hinge to keep the lid up.

Approximate exterior dimensions:

Width: 12"

Depth: 7 1/2"

Height:3 1/2"

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