If you've seen one of our Sudoku boards, you may have noticed that the board itself is a giant tic tac toe board made up of 9 smaller tic tac toe boards. This means that you can play Super Tic Tac Toe. You play 9 games of tic tac toe all at the same time, trying to win 3 tic tac toe games in a line.

You can also play a game of kōnane on one of my Sudoku boards with this marble set.

Kōnane is a two-player strategy board game from Hawaii. It was invented by the ancient Hawaiian Polynesians. Before contact with Europeans, the game was played using small pieces of white coral and black lava on a large carved rock which doubled as both board and table. The Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park has one of these stone game boards on its premises.

This marble set comes with 82 marbles (41 of each color), a bag to store them in, and a set of rules for both games.

Pursuant to 15 USC §1264 & 16 CFR §1500.19(b)(4)(i), this toy is a marble.

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