This handy wooden box can be used for a variety of purposes. The large dividers on the bottom can fit a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet (or anything else you wish to keep there). There is one tray on the top that can be removed or simply allowed to slide back and forth across the top to give you access to the area below. The sides of the box are made from solid Honduran mahogany, dovetailed together for years of strength and beauty. The wood used on the top is called sapele and the particular figuring is called pommel. The dividers and tray on the inside of this box are also made from solid mahogany and the tray is lined with blue suede leather. The knob and the hinge are both solid brass. The hinge also has an integrated stop that holds the lid open at a little more than 90 degrees. This way the lid won't flop backwards into whatever it is set in front of (the wall, a mirror, etc.) nor will it slam shut on your fingers.

Approximate external dimensions:

Width: 12"

Depth: 7 1/2"

Height: 3 1/2".

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