This mahogany valet has a wide variety of potential uses. With three large divided spaces on the bottom and a large removable tray on the top, you can keep track of and organize everything from your keys and billfold to sewing accessories. The sides of this box are made from solid Honduran mahogany which has been dovetailed together for years of strength and beauty. On the top of this box you will find a mosaic pattern (or something that reminds quilters of a crazy quilt) ten different woods including curly mahogany, anigre, bubinga, and cherry. The dividers and the tray are also made from the same piece of solid mahogany as the sides and the tray is lined with a purple suede leather. The knob and the hinge are both made from solid brass. The hinge has a stop built into the hinge to keep the lid up.

Approximate exterior dimensions:

Width: 12"

Depth: 7 1/2"

Height:3 1/2"

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